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Divorce and separation can be very challenging. While you may be accustomed to coping with some degree of stress in your everyday life, the pressures from a relationship breakdown are unique, can vary in intensity and duration from person to person, and can take an unforeseen toll. Your mind may be thinking one thing while your emotions are feeling something else. Perhaps you are experiencing different things in different phases.

We’re Here to Help

When you choose the Collaborative Process, you have the option to include a Family Relations Professional as a member of your Collaborative Divorce team. A collaborative family relations professional is licensed, accredited and specially trained to facilitate a healthy interaction between separating partners, the family, and the rest of your collaborative practice team.

Think of a collaborative family relations professional as a neutral “coach” who has a vested interest in ensuring your emotional well-being during the process.

We Keep You Moving Forward

When the ride gets bumpy, you’ll be glad we’re there.

A family relations professional will begin the process by meeting with each separating partner individually. The Family Relations Professional will facilitate you asking the difficult questions of each other and hearing challenging answers.

Your collaborative family relations professional can recognize when certain emotions or attitudes risk hindering the process. They will address sensitive issues in a constructive way, steering the discussion toward an agreement without raising the emotional temperature.

We Stay Focused on What Matters

Every client facing the end of a spousal relationship has their own perception of when, how and why the relationship broke down. This is just one of the ongoing issues that must be dealt with to clear the way to a brighter future.

Here are a few things we can do to help you work toward a solution:

  • Gather information and build a trusting relationship with the separating couple
  • Facilitate communication among all participants in the joint meetings
  • Manage the emotional experience of the process
  • Facilitate and encourage a mutually beneficial co-parenting plan
  • Advocate on behalf of the children from a position of neutrality

Just like other members of your collaborative team, the goal of the family relations professional is to help discussions stay on track so you can move toward a workable solution.

At your request, a family relations professional can also bring in or refer you to a qualified psychologist, social worker or child specialist if things aren’t going smoothly at home.

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We Are a Wise Investment

Co-parenting negotiations can be the most emotional part of ending a relationship. If not handled well, a significant amount of time and energy (and therefore money) can be drained hashing out an agreement.

Lawyers are well versed in the law, but the emotional demands of a separation or divorce require a different approach, skillset and level of awareness.

Here is how a collaborative family relations professional can be a wise investment:

  • Our hourly rate is typically less than that of a lawyer
  • Our expertise managing the emotional side of a divorce or separation can address underlying issues, remove time-consuming road blocks and help advance the process more efficiently
  • With our help, you and your partner can choose to build a customized co-parenting plan without both lawyers present

A family relations professional can be added to your collaborative team at any time, as needed.

Given that collaborative family relations professionals can often address issues before they become costly barriers to finding a settlement, many couples prefer to integrate a person with these special skills on their team from the beginning.

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