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Collaborative Family Law is a wonderful alternative to the adversarial process. My goal has always been to keep as much money in the family as possible, and this process of resolving the issues that arise from a relationship breakdown ensures that my client’s money is spent efficiently and effectively.

Creative, Client-Centered Solutions

Unlike the traditional court process, parties who commit to collaborate actually have control over the result. Instead of leaving the decision to a judge who knows very little about your life and your family, you make the decisions that affect you. Although I am an effective advocate in court, the court process limits the solutions available to my clients. Collaborative Family Law enables parties to be creative in their agreements. Every client comes into my office with a unique background, lifestyle and concerns. My job is to assist you in satisfying your concerns so that you can move forward in this next chapter.

Less Conflict

There is no need to engage in “World War Three” simply because the decision to separate has been made. The importance is not for parties to be right but to be able to move ahead and be happy again. When children are involved, it becomes even more important to rise to the occasion and work out an arrangement that minimizes conflict and takes care of their support and relationship needs. Everything I have read about children and divorce seems to come to the same conclusion; it is not the separation that harms children as much as it is the conflict. Putting your children first means minimizing, and even eliminating, the conflict that is so very harmful to their well-being. Collaborative Family Law takes the focus off of the battle, and puts it onto the solution.

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I would be happy to meet with you to discuss Collaborative Family Law and whether this method would be suitable to your situation. Feel free to contact me, or one of our assistants to schedule an appointment today.

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