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Nathalie M. J. Picard

Nathalie Picard



Alt Divorce


Unit 33-5330 Canotek Road
Ottawa ON K1J 9C4







More about Nathalie M. J. Picard

I have been a lawyer since 1995. The main focus of my practice has always been to guide my clients through one of the most difficult periods in their life by using non-court based solutions, when possible. I offer mediation, collaborative law and cooperative law as viable options. I am also one of the few lawyers in the Ottawa area who is capable of offering these services in both official languages.

I truly enjoy practicing family law and am quite passionate about the alternative solutions that our firm offers to our clients. Although it may be necessary to proceed to court in certain situations, I believe that most matters can be dealt with by utilizing other alternatives, which are based on respect and dignity. These options also assist parents in keeping the parenting relationship intact in order that they may continue to parent after the separation.

I invite you to come and meet with me in order that we may discuss how I make can make these processes work for you and your family.

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