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Claudia Bordes



Claudia Bordes, Barrister and Solicitor


1505 Laperriere
Ottawa ON K1Z 7T1







More about Claudia Bordes

Claudia was a computer teacher in the federal prison system before she decided to go to law school. She’s the child of a successful divorce. Her goal is to help clients get through this difficult time as fairly and painlessly as possible, so that someday their children can say the same thing.

Her articling principal once told her that most of their clients are going through one of the darkest times in their lives, and lawyers need to remember that it is an honour to be chosen to walk beside them and help them navigate their way through it.

She has never forgotten this advice.

Claudia has a black belt (first degree) in ITF TaeKwon-Do, and keeps planning on going back to get her second degree some day. She’s a founding member of Harmonia Choir of Ottawa, and raises chickens out in Pakenham.

Claudia was born in Santiago, Chile, spent part of her childhood in Casablanca, and moved to Ottawa at age eight. She speaks Spanish fluently and French competently, and has tried to learn German, Arabic, and Chinese without much success.

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