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Cecil J. Lyon



Lyon Family Law


3 Beaverbrook Road
Kanata ON  K2K 1L2



613-592-9562 Ext. 214




More about Cecil J. Lyon

If you are reading this then you are interested in a non-confrontational way of resolving the issues faced by separating and divorcing spouses. That is a very good start. If that is so and you are sincere in your wish to be co-operative, collaborative and non-confrontational, then collaborative family law is probably for you. Separation and/or divorce can be difficult enough without injecting enormous amounts of acrimony and anger into the mix.

I bring to my collaborative family law practice over 25 years in the mediation/ADR field. I am a court rostered mediator with the Superior Court of Justice at Ottawa, a member of Family Mediation Canada, an Honoured Fellow of the Canadian Institute for Conflict Resolution, CBA, OBA, ABA, etc. My training covers all forms of dispute resolution both inside and outside of court including conciliation, mediation, collaboration and arbitration. I have been practicing law since 1989. My practice is focused entirely on problem solving whether through a collaborative process or litigation (the latter if absolutely and unavoidably necessary – read last resort). I am happy to speak with you about your issues and whether or not I can help. My office is in the heart of Kanata. Weekend and evening appointments are available.

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