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Caspar Van Baal

Caspar Van Baal



Caspar van Baal Family Law and Mediation


1376 Bank Street
Ottawa ON  K1H 7Y3







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If you want to resolve parenting, property and support issues following separation but you do not want to go to court, the collaborative family law process may be the right option for you.

Collaborative family law is a private out-of-court process that enables separating couples to negotiate their own agreement with the assistance of specially-trained lawyers with the possible assistance of financial and family-relations professionals. Each party is represented and supported by their own collaboratively trained lawyer who, without being adversarial, advocates for his/her client. This process affords spouses the opportunity to explore creative options and lasting solutions to meet their family’s needs and circumstances. Unlike the adversarial court system where parties do not control the outcome, the Collaborative process is private, respectful, interest focussed, less stressful, and often cost and time efficient. In the Collaborative process, the parties control the process and outcome as they, rather than the Judge, structure their future by deciding the terms of their separation agreement.

I have been a lawyer since 1990 and my practice is restricted to family law with a focus on collaborative family law and mediation. I have been an involved and committed family law lawyer with Collaborative Practice Ottawa for the last 10 years and I have sat on the Board since 2013.

I would be pleased to discuss the Collaborative process with you, explain how you can benefit from it and how my experience can assist you. I look forward to hearing from and helping you.

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